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The Best Ponytail in New York City

The "Best Ponytail in NYC" Contest will be Hosted by Bunjii at the Greenwich Village Fair on May 15 2004.
Bunjii Design announced participation in the Village Fair. This company produces ponytailers in a bright new patented design. A stretchy loop slides open to more than 3 inches in diameter to make it easy to put the device on. Then it is being pulled taut, wrapped and finally clipped. The result is an all-day hold for your ponytail without damaging the hair.
The Bunji hair ties have been taking the long hair community by storm through online sales and are being picked up by trendy hair salons, chains and stores.
ponytail hairstyle
ponytails hairstyles
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In addition to showing ponytailers in a range of colors and beading options at the fair, Bunjii will also host the first "Best Ponytail in New York City" contest ever. No purchase nor fee is required to take part in the contest and participants from in and outside of New York are welcome. Entrants will be photographed at the Bunjii booth, and pictures of the ponytails will be posted on the company's website the following day, where a great amount of votes from around the world for the best ponytail are expected over the following week.
The owner of the most popular ponytail will win more than $100 worth of Bunjii merchandise.
The President of Bunjii, Brad Bealmear, had been thinking of doing this best ponytail contest for some time. He says that there is nothing nicer than an abundance of beautiful ponytails and the Village fair is a good time and place for the contest.
In the West Village area Bunjii hair ties can be purchased at Avignone, Lucy's on Hudson and Ricky's 8th Street. Bunjiis can also be purchased at a growing list of stores and hair salons nationwide and through the Bunjii Shop Online at
If you want to see lots of great looking ponytails, then the "Best Ponytail in New York City" contest is the place to be. Enjoy the beauty of all the ponytails and there's no doubt that you'll get interesting ideas for styling your own ponytail. Not very often you will get the chance to see such variety of nice pony tails on one place.
Ponytails are extremely popular lately and there is no doubt that this has to do with the popularity of long hairstyles.
Girls want to enjoy the beauty of their long hair but sometimes they need a more comfortable style and a ponytail is the perfect solution for this. Let your hair loose when you feel like doing it and put it in a ponytail when you need to "get rid" of your long locks.
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