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Ponytails and Baseball Caps

      Could ponytails be called horsetails or donkey tails? I think we must get the picture where the name must have come from. Did you ever see the way a pony flags its tail when it runs? They are quite striking and graceful as the animal moves into a gait and the tail swings straight up and the hair of the tail billows over and falls gracefully all the way down. Some tails practically touch the ground. Not even a woman’s ponytail could ever come close to the beauty they give.
lady wearing a baseball cap       Everywhere we look today, we are seeing women of all ages wearing a baseball cap with this thing we call a ponytail sticking out of the wee opening in the back of the cap. Forget about the lovely contour of a head, as the cap is pressed down tightly and rests very closely to her ears, everything looks quite flat. The usual accommodating costume is a sweatshirt, shorts, water bottle, sunglasses and running shoes, oh, let’s not forget the cell phone. Did you ever see one jog with a cell phone? This must require a special talent and frankly, I do not know how they can do that.
      Does this mean, there is a ladies ponytail baseball team out there somewhere and the initiation is to have a ponytail, baseball cap and a cell phone? What am I missing? The ladies ponytail baseball cap club gives everyone the idea that this girl is: very busy, sporty, not sexy and means business in keeping her weight down and her life totally intact. Organization is her middle name. Scheduling is how she has managed to do so many things for so many people at once. Look out world, for she is the epitome of absolute sheer determination. She appears to be a super woman and I cannot help but admire her stamina.
      Hollywood probably started this fad and now this is all I see on every corner, at every gym, running into stores, on the beach and driving the children to school. The ladies ponytail baseball cap club, have made their statement. With all that though, I have to say, unless you are a pony; horse or donkey this look isn’t as attractive as you think. We all have this concept of how we see ourselves. What we see isn’t necessarily how others see us though. For some of us, this can be a cruel, rude awakening. Ouch. Who of us wants to be told our ponytail looks more like a donkey, although, donkeys are quite beautiful, in their place.
high ponytail       You can look cute, even in that coveted baseball cap of yours. Let me just give you a small fore warning though, if you wear that cap too much; your scalp won’t breathe and you will get thinner hair without paying for it at the salon. That would be one bargain you had not planned on.
      If you do not have enough hair to be pulled back neatly into that ponytail, why not try combs on each side of your hair? Why not try a new low maintenance haircut and then, slap that cap back on? I see bits of wiry hair that has tried to be pulled back into a hair band with hair going out and looking more like the comb of a rooster, forget about the donkey.
      Did you know they now have combs and clips that have hair connected to them? You could brush your hair up toward the center and then clasp the comb around the small parts of your hair. Presto, you have more hair.
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