How to Make a Poof Ponytail

How to make a poof ponytail
The poof ponytail is pretty easy to achieve, provided you can get comfortable with the techniques of styling it. Getting the “poof” involves using a technique called teasing or backcombing, which many women hate to think about, let alone do to their hair. This is usually because they do it improperly.
When attempting to style the hair, especially in a style that requires this type of hair manipulation, it's best to start with "day old" hair. This means the hair should be clean but not freshly washed.
If you can’t avoid having to use freshly washed hair, you’ll want to "dirty it up" a bit, by applying a styling gel or other product before blow-drying the hair fully. Then lightly mist the hair with hairspray and allow it to dry before brushing it out to smooth it once more. This will give the hair some texture and structure and make it easier to style.
To begin creating the style in question, take a segment of the hair at the front of the head (approximately one-and-a-half inches deep) and hold it lightly in one hand as you pass your styling comb quickly (with the wide-tooth end) through the hair toward the scalp 10-12 times using 3-5 inch passes. You should see some of the hairs "scrunch" down toward the scalp and cause the segment of the hair to stand a little higher on the head.
Repeat this with additional segments until you have as much of the hair as you desire puffed up. Then, gently flip the hair back away from the face and smooth the outer surface of the hair using your comb held at an angle. Pull the remaining ends of the hair back to the desired point for creating your ponytail, whether it's at the crown area or at the base of the skull, and secure the hair with a ponytail holder, barrette, or clip.
Ponytail with poof
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Lightly mist the hair with hairspray and gently comb over any strays or press the hair lightly with your fingers to smooth the finished style. Depending on the length of the hair pulled back, the hair of the tail can be styled into curls, doubled-under into a chignon, or twisted into a knot. Of course, you can always leave it unadorned for a simple look.
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