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Your Hair/Skin Color vs Clothes Color (3)

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So you are a natural blonde and you’ve discovered the world of gray and it just isn’t becoming to you. What to do? Have you already started covering your natural color? Are you happy with it because you have become used to it? Have you asked a new hairdresser about what they say about your color?
Lastly, do you want to look better? Remember, we don’t see ourselves the way other people do. This is why it is vital to have friends that will tell you the truth about what they see or a new reputable stylist who will tell you the truth about your hair color vs age vs skin color. One mistake most natural blondes make as they age is getting pale highlights. Those pale highlights look like your gray coming in. Not good.
A Gold shade to cover your incoming gray would be just the ticket. You need warmth. All you need is one color, unless you want a second for a low foil for a light neutral brown. The reason I say one color of golden is because of the different response your colors will have when applied. The golden will deposit onto the gray and lift up on your blonde. There! You’ve got a one step process that usually takes two or three steps. This means that you will have two-three different colors on your hair by this simple step because of the different colors already in your hair. Please do not worry about any reddish gold on your hair. By the time you are a senior, you will need it!
What color clothes do you wear? What about creamy beiges and a lovely camel? Warm golden yellows, clear tans with golden browns, light clear navy and royal blues to a darker color. Turquoise and yellow greens will bring life to your cheeks.
Are you a graying olive skinned lady with dark hair? Usually you can get away with tinting your natural color back for awhile. While you are still an attractive brunette you are the ones who look smashing in pumpkin orange.
You actually bring elegance to the color orange and all those lovely beiges, bronzes and mahogany’s. You can wear reds with an orange base and lots of golden beiges as well. You look quite distinguished. Earth greens and yellow greens of jade, forest and olives please you as well as reds with an orange base.
What if your hair is becoming too gray? Do you go blonde? Or, let it just continue to grow out gray? Truthfully, if your hair is 90% white, you would probably look better with your white tresses, this is because of your awesome skin color. Should you insist on coloring your hair, have a professional give their best counsel. If you are thinking blonde, do not go ash, as that will only age you. Neutral is different. When you look at that color chart be sure and ask your professionals advice. Considering the earth colored clothes you can wear, you would probably be wise to pick something of the autumn colors.
Whatever your preference, this is what makes you unique and different from every person on earth; as no two heads of color or texture are alike. Your taste and personality says a lot about how you dress and how you wear your hair. This is you and that is so good!
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