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Your Hair/Skin Color vs Clothes Color (2)

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For some, a rose color is just the shade. A coral would have too much orange inside for you, if you have those blue undertones we just talked about. A great look no matter what you wear is the wonderful prospect of all those neutral colors of lip shades you can buy today that will match whatever you decide to wear.
Naturally bright redheads with scattered freckles wearing black will soon see that black against their pinkish milky skin could be too much of a contrast for them. Unless, they are going to wear a long black coat with a black hat and warm black gloves and proper make-up, then the natural redhead would look quite striking indeed. There are other colors that would increase their attractiveness other than black though. Place a purple hat on top of a pile of luscious red hair and that lady looks almost like a summer flower. Blues and greens always look attractive on a natural or tinted redhead.
White would be a little bit more testy, but an off white egg color would look good on you. If you are a naturally dark redhead is another chapter entirely. Dark reds can get away with a diversity of different colors than their bright redhead sisters could. Today, all redheads wear pink. Green and blue are always striking for redheads. If you are a tinted coppery redhead with brown eyes, you will notice how your eyes will turn a coppery color.
You will almost be able to wear any color depending once again upon your skin. Clear beiges usually look very attractive on all redheads. Start lifting those pieces of material up now and get started. Write it all down.
I have yet to see a natural blonde or tinted blonde not look good wearing green. Green seems to just bring it all out for them, once and for all. Green makes the blonde hair look blonder and brings out their eyes more.
There are so many shades of green you can pick from. A forest green flatters the most. Blue eyed blondes look good with all greens. The green brings out the blue in their eyes. Green eyed blondes look best in blues as the blue brings out the green in their eyes. Lilac is another color that looks good. White isn’t as pleasing for a blonde or yellow. It isn’t wise to put a yellow dress on next to pale blonde hair, although, I do see it often... Go red instead!
With a natural dishwater blonde or brown that has grey eyes. I think of a color like coral, rose-beiges, blue-grays, aqua and blue-greens, sky and periwinkle mixture blues along with powders or other pastels, especially if you have a golden sunny complexion. If you have grey eyes you do not want to overdo on the gray unless you are going to put a good amount of make up on.
graying older woman With older women wearing their natural colors of salt and peppers: First, we have only two categories, there is the attractive salt and pepper and those that are “graying” not quite as lovely. Those that are “silvering” with an attractiveness and integrity can usually wear those lovely colors first described above in the fourth paragraph. They do not have any problem with their hair and this is why they usually do not cover up their silver. However, natural redheads seem to gray less attractive and end up coloring their hair either a blonde or pinkish red. Just for reason sake, the pinkish red still is not attractive on older women. The answer is a warm light brown with just a few slight golden highlights and the answer to what you wear is something colorful, but not crazy because by now you’ve discovered; you still have the creamy white skin and freckles God gave to you, even at your age.
By now, I am assuming you are holding those pieces of material up in front of the mirror with your best friend who happens to be your very best critic. Did you ever think of a medium olive green suit with a pale yellow blouse? It should help with any ruddiness in your cheeks. Find some peridots known as olivine for earrings, necklace and bracelets. All this will take away the negative and accent your positive. If you aren’t crazy with the idea of having an olive green suit, try a khaki one with a lighter khaki blouse underneath. The main thing to consider is not going to dark or too light.
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