How to do a Great Gatsby Style on a Short Angled Bob

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7. Repeat these curls progressively as you advance along the height of the side section of the model’s head. It is important to take special care not to burn the client in the facial region or around the neck and ears. These are especially sensitive parts and are totally exposed to the heat of the head appliances often used in salons. This is also why most accidents in the salon concerning the client happen in these areas.
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8. You’ll notice that this style has a side part which perfects the classic look. Thus make sure that you curl the hair down in this direction all the way to the middle part of the model’s head, and a section further, as to create the side part. See how the model’s hair is parted to the side? This creates the perfect canvas for your classic Great Gatsby inspired look.
9. Now advance towards the opposite side of the model’s head. You be executing exactly the same steps on this side as well. Remember to keep the proportion, shape and volume in sync with the side that you have already done. Use ample amounts of hairspray as you go along.
10. Note how the volume on this side is thinner due to the side part that goes the other way. Yet the shape and structure of the curls/waves are in proportion with the other side. Similar proportion, shape and structure of opposite sides will always be important when executing a style, especially in the cases where photos will be taken such as wedding and prom events. Disproportionate styles always look bad when captured in a picture.
  • Gatsby look
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  • Gatsby hairstyle

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11. Gently comb your fingers through the curls to separate the hair shafts and to create a more natural movement and flowing appearance. The women of the Great Gatsby era were fond of super structured and gelled into place styles, but women prefer more natural and relaxed styling techniques today.
If you used enough hairspray the structure and shape of the style will be preserved, even as you comb your fingers through the style. Take care not to over-comb the style, and warn the client to leave her hair alone during the event. Fiddling over-much with the hair will ultimately collapse the style and ruin the look.
12. Insert diamante pins in the side where the hair is parted towards, in other words, the side with more volume. Take care to insert the pins carefully and artistically so that it seems as if the pins sitting effortlessly on top of the surface of the hair. Complete the look with a silicone based shine spray for enhanced shine and to block out any humidity that might be present in the air.
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