How to Blow-dry an Angled Bob (2)

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8. Note that the model has a side-part, which works exceptionally well with the angled bob style. Blow-dry the fringe area so that it falls in an almost wave-like pattern along the frame of the face. You can create the slightly curves wave by manipulating the hair with your round brush. Because the blow-dry brush has a rounded angle, it is relatively easy to manipulate the form of the hair.
  • Dry the sides of an angled bob
  • Styling the sides of an angled bob
  • Blow-dry the fringe area of an angled bob
  • Angled bob with a face framing fringe

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9. Note how the fringe falls in a wave-like pattern along the frame of the face. This is usually a flattering style, just make sure that the hair isn’t irritating the eyes or hanging excessively in the face, potentially hinting of the appearance of a confused or depressed teenager; which is always a bad look, no matter what your age.
10. Repeat the whole process on the other side as well. Remember to blow-dry the hair from directly above the surface of the hair, as to maximise the shine and healthy look of the hair.
11. Note that the hair framing the face curves towards the cheekbones. This is a by-product of the curved angle of the brush. Some people like the style this way, and will prefer to keep it as such. The other option is to flat-iron the side sections, thus straightening the hair and also completely closing the cuticles, which will improve the shine and movement of the hair.
  • Side profile of an angled bob
  • Hair styled to frame the face
  • Flat-iron an angled bob
  • Angled bob with straight styling

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12. Simply clip the hair up again and flat-iron the hair in two-inches sections at a time. Take care along the ears and the facial region.
13. Note the improved shine and straighter effect of the style after the flat-iron has been utilized. You can complete the look with a small amount of silicone smoothing product. Just be very careful not to use too much silicone, as this will make the hair look tacky and greasy. You can also use a silicone-based shine spray, which will improve the shine while blocking out unwanted elements in the air.
This is one of the most versatile hairstyles, and is complementing to almost any facial shape and facial characteristics, making it an all-time favourite on the silver screen and off.
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