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How to Tie a Bandana (2)

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{Note: if wearing the bandana as an Alice band, you can also tie the bandana with the knot at the top of the head and tuck the ends under for visual interest. Also, if tying the bandana under your hair is too difficult, you can tie it at the top of the head, pull the band down around your neck, turn it so that the knot is in the back, and then lift it again into place.}
One of the classic ways to wear a bandana is as a kerchief. It’s also the simplest method for wearing the bandana. All it takes is a quick fold and tie into place to provide a protective covering for the hair that keeps it safe from excess soil and dust, and keeps it out of your way when you’re working.
Step One:
Spread your bandana out on a flat surface and smooth it out. Fold the bandana diagonally and create a triangular shape. Smooth along the folded line to crease the fabric.
Step Two:
Place the folded edge of the bandana at the forehead just below the hairline and bring the creased corners down and around to the base of the skull. Tie the ends securely just below the occipital bone.
Step Three:
Smooth the tail ends back over the head/hair and allow them to hang freely. If you want to completely cover the hair, you can take your hair and twist it up before you place your bandana, then use hairpins to secure the ends of the kerchief over the twist to protect the hair.
how to tie a bandana as a skull cap
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Skull Cap:
This method is very similar to the kerchief, except that it allows you to completely enclose the top of the head, protecting it from the sun, dust, dirt, and anything else you can think of.
Step One:
Fold the bandana as shown for the kerchief, by creating a triangle as you fold the bandana along a diagonal line.
Step Two:
When placing the bandana to form a skull cap, you also place the center of the folded edge at the forehead, but this time lower it to just above the eyebrows. Bring the creased corners back along the tops of the ears and tie the bandana at the crown of the skull.
Step Three:
Complete the skull cap effect by taking the tail ends of the folded bandana and tucking them underneath the knot at the crown. Take care to carefully fold the fabric to the shape of the skull so that the edges don’t gap open. When finished, you should have a close-fitting cap that you can wear securely.
As with the kerchief, if you wish you can bring your hair up to the top of the skull and twist it into place before donning the bandana and tying it into place. This allows you to completely cover your hair and protect it from whatever you need.
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