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2. Classic Looks
Women with this look tend to be conservative and appreciate simple elegance that flatters average-sized, balanced figures. If you fall into this category, neat and well-styled haircuts complement your appearance. Avoid angular haircuts to prevent a harsh or severe look.
Select accessories that are simple yet graceful, such as pearl necklaces or plain gold chains. When choosing clothing, opt for timeless garments in quality fabrics over trendy styles. These choices will allow others to see your classic, intelligent style without perceiving you as stuffy or dull.
3. Gamin
Women in this category are often described as "sporty" and "natural," with slim or athletic body types. If you fit this description, you often look good with casual hairstyles that are unfussy and natural, such as medium-length hair that can be worn down or pulled into a simple ponytail.
Choose accessories that are small and refined to avoid looking sloppy or too casual. This style should be reflected in clothing that is simple yet well-fitted. You may look good in athletic wear and preppy styles. These choices will emphasize your easygoing nature while keeping your look fresh, elegant, and feminine.
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4. Dramatic
Women perceived as dramatic tend to be tall and angular, with striking eyes and facial features. If you resemble this type, you can successfully wear a wide variety of hairstyles, including very daring cuts. Accessories should be bold and bright to avoid being overshadowed by other elements of your dramatic appearance.
When choosing clothing, look for items that are unique and fashion-forward because overly simple styles can appear frumpy. These choices will create an impression of confidence and poise.
While you may not fit perfectly into any one of these categories, choose the one that best describes your overall appearance. If you can be described as an ingenue and find that people do not take you seriously, incorporate elements of a classic look into your style to create a sense of seriousness and intelligence.
If people fail to see your fun-loving side, add dramatic style elements to embolden your appearance. Considering these factors can help you match your appearance to your personality, enabling you to create the impression you want to communicate.
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