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Neat or Messy
There is a time for everything. Who can resist a rugged, choppy cut with wonderful disheveled styling, or no styling at all, just fun, tousled strands sticking out or curling around? The "bedhead" is always popular and well-liked by the ladies. But who wants to stroll around the boulevard and into the galleries with a guy who is wearing his son's hairstyle?
A stylish close cut with meticulous outline and proper appearance does have its own irresistible Rudolph Valentino quality. A look that was made famous once again and can be seen in the award-winning movie "The Artist." Thank you, Jean Dujardin, for bringing elegance and subtle sex appeal back into men's fashion.
What if the Hair Falls Oout?
Male baldness is the cause of crisis and nightmares for many sufferers. It is also a lucrative business for a growing industry. It can be observed, however, that it is mostly men who are bothered when more and more hair makes room for shiny patches of scalp. They still do not understand that women like a nice bald head.
Instead of spending thousands on hair transplants, take her on a nice vacation and start enjoying the increased airflow around your head! Bald is sexy. Comb-overs, toupees, and cornrow-like transplants are not.
What about the Color?
Most women love natural hair colors on the men in their lives. The specific color is a matter of personal preference as some women (just like men) seem to prefer either the "tall, dark, and handsome type," the blonde beach boy, or the quirky redhead.
Embrace the gray! Gray hair, salt and pepper colored, or all silver can look very attractive. If George Clooney dyed his hair, he would only be half as interesting. Or look at Richard Gere, Anderson Cooper, or Patrick Dempsey. It would be a big mistake for any of those men to change the color of their hair.
If you really cannot live with what nature gave you, please keep it as natural as possible. There is nothing worse than a bad bleaching job with brassy patches. Highlights, really? If they're not put in by the sun, save the money and get a good bottle of champagne, strawberries, and chocolate for the one you want to impress.
Our Tastes Change
The hairstyles that women like on men change with age. For girls and younger women, it is often a celebrity crush that defines their taste, and many young men adjust to that, of course, to get some of the attention as well. Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers brought good business to the hair salons.
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Individual lifestyle choices also influence what women like. Punk styles, mohawks, surfer hair, or dreadlocks - the more expression, the better.
As women get older, they will often just be happy if he has a hairstyle at all and regularly washes his hair. Irony aside, it is not important if he follows the latest hair fashion, as long as he finds a style that suits him and that he is happy with – of course, there are a few exceptions, like Mr. Donald Trump. Classy, dapper hairstyles with a touch of retro are becoming more popular again. Slicked-back sides, longer top hair, a neat outline, and perhaps a debonair touch are what make knees weak for the modern, sophisticated woman.
So, you guys out there, just remember: no comb-overs, mullets, highlights, and desperate pencil-thin ponytails if you want to please the female population. Keep it clean, trimmed, and authentic. Oh, did I mention perms? Go with the gray, and if you don't have curls, then just get over it and stay away from those rollers. Please.
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