Justin Bieber Hairstyles

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop and R&B singer, born March 1st, 1994.
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The signature hairstyle that the young super star sported for a long time has become so famous, that young men ask their stylist to cut them a Bieber. The textured bowl cut, styled into his face will perhaps be forever associated with his name. Most of the hair was on the crown and the sides a bit shorter, all textured. From a pivot point in the back all hair was styled into the face where it framed his adorably features with a lot of pointy and feathery texture.
Headlines were full when Justin dared to get a new haircut and some fans still need therapy after the shock of change. After the "Bieber" cut Justin decided to wear his hair shorter, with lots of texture and movement on top, but neat and clearly outlined sides without covering his ears. This new look gives him a more grown up air and perhaps also gives him much more time to write songs, since he does not have to spend so much time styling his hair.
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