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She's a High Maintenance Gal (2)

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They do not realize that when their colorist applies the color there will be a difference in the chemical process when next to the scalp and a difference a half inch away. There will be two different colors because of the heat that radiates from your scalp. Because of this, depending on your color, your solution has to be applied differently. The best time to come in for a touch up is to come in once a month, it will save unnecessary labor for your service and, it could be cost effective for you too. Besides that, your colorist will continue to love you. Next time you are thumbing through a movie magazine look at a few celebrities new growth where they have been touched up. You will see at least two different shades. The upside and positive outlook on this whole picture is that anything goes today and it is ok to have those duos and trios of color from your scalp.
      Another thing to watch as you move into the blonde mode is not to get too blonde. I have seen foils done upon foils until the client is all blonde and the only difference anyone can notice is her new growth. Besides all that, it is uncreative to keep getting tinted in the same old places on your head with the same old color too, not to mention the damage that is being done.
      Has your hair been given a permanent and you’d like to become blonde for the holidays? Ah, bad choice. You might argue that your perm has grown out and you no longer have any on your hair, but when your colorist looks at your hair she is going to look at the ends of your hair and tell you that your perm is on your ends, however long it might be. The perm doesn’t go anywhere except to grow out. Your hair will be straight where it has grown out, but the rest of your hair still has that chemical service on there. To be blonde, have your stylist clip off all those old ends, then; talk about being that blonde. There are great products out there that I have used to give excellent permanents over thin, delicate bleached hair. This whole ordeal is more the exception, rather than a rule. This fully depends upon the condition of the hair when this is done. Conditioners with delicate wrapping and plenty of know how are all involved. Your stylist should be very experienced and willing to watch your hair like an eagle. Either way, your hair will be that much drier. Usually a wise lady chooses whether she wants blonde hair or curly if she has the thin, weak hair. Not both.
      What about all those products that are sold for you to do it yourself? You can take the risk not realizing what process your hair goes through and just see what happens. That pretty picture of the model on the box doesn’t mean your hair will be that color when you apply it on yours. If you have dark hair and you are applying a blonde color, you will have red hair, not blonde. There are lots of things to consider before you decide to go on your own and “save money.” Going to a salon to have a correction done to your hair will cost you double or triple of what you would have normally had to pay if you had chosen to go there in the first place.
      Another thing, if your heart is made up to look like one of the Hard Rock Metallic Stars and you go into the salon bringing a picture of your latest crave, listen to the colorist and do not leave her until you understand everything that is involved to transform your hair into that likeness. Usually the cost is quite high and also the upkeep. You may love it when you walk out of the salon and your mate might like it, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get bad reviews from your friends. Then what? Are you going to keep your new color or will you hurry back to the salon to change your hair back to please your friends who have trouble with you looking so differently? You will never be able to please everyone and the most important one to please is yourself, because you are the one who is wearing it.
      Have you considered what different climates do to blonde hair? As you stroll along the seaside in your brand new bathing suit, gazing at those luscious colors of the ocean; you’d better be wearing a large brimmed hat to protect your investment under there. The southern sun can strip your blonde color out in a matter of hours and the salt air will expand your hair shaft to three times its normal size. All of sudden you will have all of this hair, you won’t know what to do with; that has been stripped of the color you paid for to look so great on your holiday. When you take a dip in the salt water, this too will begin to lighten your hair that is accompanied with the sun. The best protection is to keep your hair covered when you go outside while in the heat of south. What if you are in the snow driven north? Usually you wear a head covering anyway to protect the heat from escaping as you walk.
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