Going Blonde

Woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and bangs
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Thinking about going Blonde? Think Twice!
Have you been turning your head every time you see a blonde with long, straight hair walk by you? In fact, now as you lie upon your bed at night; you're starting to have thoughts of going blonde yourself. Hey, slow down and let's think about whether this would be a good choice for you.
Admittedly, if you are thinking about lightening your hair, you are definitely setting yourself up for a change in your life. Boredom stemming from the reflection in the mirror can easily bring about some dissatisfaction and discouragement. Ask yourself, what is the significance of thinking this way?
One thing to consider is, you may admire that willowy blonde that walks by, but try as you might, you will not be able to look just like her. Your DNA is unique just as hers is and you don't need to copy anyone.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you dive into the realm of blondes:
• What true color is my hair now, and is it complimenting me or taking away from my looks?
• What is the real reason I have become so dissatisfied with my color?
• Would blonde hair go with the color of my eyes and my skin?
• Do I want a natural-looking blonde?
• Am I trying to cover up my natural color because I feel my gray is unattractive?
Whatever the reason, it is a good idea to ask yourself some balanced questions. What does a good friend of yours say about your idea? Usually, they are our best critics and see you differently than you do yourself.
Blonde is not for everyone!
It is amazing when I see someone who has been a blonde for years suddenly appear with a warm golden brown. The improved difference is quite striking. I have always wondered why they didn’t do that in the first place. But, there is an old saying "once a blonde, always a blonde," and don’t you believe it for a second!
There are several reasons why some stay blonde, and one is because they have become accustomed to seeing themselves with that color. They tell me jokingly, "I don’t even know my natural color anymore." That just happens to be the truth too. Blinded by this habit, they do not realize just how much prettier they would look if their hair matched their brows and eyes. What a difference that makes!
Different shades of blonde hair
Different shades of blonde
Many of the celebrities get away with dark eyes and blonde hair because of the entertainment they do that requires heavy makeup. This doesn't make them more beautiful, classy, or elegant than you; it just makes them more visible to the public.
Consider the color of your eyes!
What kind of look are you looking for? If you decide to go blonde, will it complement the color of your eyes? Will it look good? Or, will it make you look washed out? Will you need to wear more makeup than you're used to, and if so; are you prepared to do this every time you go out?
If you have brown eyes there would definitely be a contrast with the blonde hair. There could be attractiveness with that difference; with a good amount of makeup. Brown eyes could look good with blonde if it has the right tones. If it is too pale yellowish, you will look just like everyone else. Depending on your skin tone, a strawberry blonde or a neutral blonde could be your answer.
Either way, you will have to get used to wearing a bit more makeup. Even with gray eyes, you need makeup. Frankly, I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t need the improvement of some makeup on their face. Gray eyes need color, and if you put a dull, pale blonde next to them, it could wash you out. Everyone knows that blue and green eyes go well with blonde hair.
Choose a natural hair color!
If you are truly determined to go blonde, the best idea for you is to choose a natural hair color. Take a visual survey as you go about doing your errands and at work today. Look at all those same-colored blondes. With a professional eye, I can tell you it is almost like wearing a uniform and joining the same union; everyone looks the same.
Many women have their color so drastically lightened that there isn't any color left in their hair shaft. Unfortunately, the majority have very dry and often unhealthy hair. Something tells me you do not want to go in that direction.
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