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Hairstyles for Thick Hair (2)

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One of the most wonderful things you can do with long, thick hair are braids. These braids will make a statement and not look like little thin kitten tails. Many of the new up and semi-up hairstyles use braided hairpieces as an adornment. You can just braid your own hair and sling it around as a natural headband and you'll have an easy and very impressive look.
Parlez-vous Fran├žais? If not, then your hair surely does with a gorgeous French twist, a luscious French braid or a thick chignon. These looks are never out of style and can be done more classy or more casual, depending on your preference and the event. With thick hair you don't even have to bolster up the volume with extensions or damaging teasing techniques.
Some up-styles can be challenging due to the weight of thick hair. Having it pull on a few pins that hold it up, can quickly lead to headaches and in the long run may also lead to hair loss. Ponytails that are attached too high have the same effect. Instead bind the ponytail lower and find up-dos that are anchored higher on the crown just to distribute the weight better. More pins or clips also mean less pain and better distribution.
Got Curls?
If you have a natural curl it will be stronger the shorter your hair is. Longer hair, due to the heaviness will pull on the curl. Layers allow the curl to keep its bounce and liveliness. If nature blessed you with straight hair, then just accept it and don't perm. Perms have a hard time lasting in thick hair and you will most likely be disappointed soon and if you repeat the process too often, your beautiful hair will be damaged.
Thinning vs. Layering
When your stylist reaches for those toothy thinning shears tell him or her to stop for a moment and ask for alternatives. Thinning with special scissors or with a slicing technique done by razor or sharp regular scissors can damage the hair, change the wave pattern and cause frizz. It will make the hair more prone to split and break, especially when it is done too often. Instead go for layers or if you want to have it sleek and smooth on top, use a combination of very fine layers that are hardly visible and perhaps an undercut to remove some of the mass.
Thick hair can be a wonderful gift, you just have to treat it right. Keep it healthy, well brushed and talk to your stylist about a cut and styling that fits your needs and takes all of the gorgeousness of your hair into consideration.
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