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Make Thick Hair Look Thinner

Cut to make thick hair look thinner

Q: What medium hairstyle would make thick hair look thinner and slimmer?
A: One presumes that in this case, your use of the term "thick hair" refers to the density of the hair. With this type of hair, you generally need a style that will help you balance the bulk of the hair. This becomes especially true when the hair is not perfectly straight. When the hair is thick and wavy or curly, it can be VERY bulky, but even when the hair is only slightly wavy, it can look very full indeed.
Your options for resolving this amount are to either choosing a layered look which balances the bulk of the hair and creates a vertical line in the silhouette, or using thinning shears to remove bulk more evenly throughout the hair.
Another option might be to thin the hair and use a flat iron to smooth out any wave in the hair.
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