Hair and Eyebrows Color

Woman comparing the color of her hair and eyebrows
Photo: Aleksko/Shutterstock
Q: Should your hair color match your eyebrows?
A: Generally speaking, it should and usually does. However, there are cases where the hair's natural color is much lighter than the eyebrow color.
This is usually found in some blonde-haired women and men. It usually isn't that big a deal unless there is a dramatic difference in the color, such as when the eyebrows are very pale, or are so much darker than the hair color that they look awkward.
If you are coloring your hair, you do want to consider tinting the eyebrows as well if you are changing the hair color by several levels or going to a bolder shade. This should be done carefully, however, so as to avoid getting hair color in the eyes. I would recommend only having it done in a salon, as it is far safer to have someone else help you with it.
The goal is to create a natural look. One of the clearest signals of artificial hair color is when the hair and eyebrows do not match. You're usually okay with a few shades' differential, but the eyebrows should be tinted as well if the change is more dramatic.
Just remember that the eyebrows may respond more quickly to the hair coloring formula since they lie close to the skin and have body heat to accelerate the processing. So, only leave color on the eyebrows around half the length of the normal color processing time.
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