Straight Across Bangs & Looking Older

Bangs that have a youthful effect on the face
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Q: Do straight across bangs make you look older?
A: Straight bangs are a very contemporary look, but also in essence, quite harsh. It’s a very “severe” cut, which looks good on some people especially if you’re going for a highly polished chic look, but it looks horrible on most people, in my opinion.
As the length of the bangs decreases, the more severe it looks. This can be great when used in conjunction with a creative cut or when you’re aiming for that severely contemporary chic look, though. In any case, severely contemporary chic is almost never a good look for a mature woman. I’d most likely be thrown overboard by a large number of fashion designers for that comment, but I’ll stick to my guns all the same.
To answer your question; in essence, yes straight across bangs will make you look older, except when you’re between the age of 3 and 17. The inherent reason for this is that it makes the face look harsh, which will inadvertently make you look older, especially when you’re a mature woman.
Take pitch black colored hair for example. On a young woman between 18 and 25, it can look really cool, especially when she has ice-blue eyes and a pale complexion with especially attractive facial features. In this case it looks fashionable avant-garde. But if a woman in her 40’s or 50’s try it, it would most probably look horrendous.
The reason for this is that black hair tends to look harsh. It can be a good look on someone in the prime of their youth, but artificial black hair is usually discouraged. Harsh tends to make one look older, haggard and run-down. This same concept applies to solid bangs straight across the face.
Wispy bangs with a slight or even exaggerated curve tend to soften the face and have a youthful effect on the face. Also, longer bangs look softer than short bangs. Have a look at most mature Hollywood beauties with long or short hair. Most of them have longer wispy bangs that frame their faces. The hair is often texturized to border the hairline around the face, all the way down to the cheekbone or chin. This is because it softens the face of the woman, looks elegant and stylish, while also contributing a youthful effect.
Longer bangs also allow for a more versatile effect. You can either wear it to frame your face, comb it to the side, or comb it to the back of your face for a more open, fresh-faced look if your age allows it. Even if you have your bangs cut straight across your forehead, you can ask the stylist to thin it out with thinning-shears, a salon razor or the cutting technique that he/she prefers.
This way, you can still have your straight across the forehead bangs, but it will look much softer and wispier. The line of the bangs isn’t as solid or severe, thus it automatically softens the whole look.
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