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Barbara Wuillot

Short Blonde Haircut

In her new collection of high hair fashion for Spring and Summer 2009 the fantastic Barbara Wuillot explores the various expressions one single haircut can have.
This short blonde haircut has been styled in a range of exciting looks that cover the range from a neat office look, daring and wild styles to sultry and super sexy, feminine stylings.
  • pixie with curled bangs
  • pixie with full bangs
  • curled pixie hairdo
  • flexible pixie hairstyle
  • pixie with curl
  • pixie with punky stuling
  • pixie with barrettes
  • tousled short hair
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One cut, one head, many moods.
Yes, it is practical, but far from being bland. Barbara Wuillot knows hair and she knows that women want to express themselves in different ways on the many levels of their modern, multitasking world.
The base cut has a short, gradated neck and smooth layering that increases in length towards the top and the front. The soft beige blonde color has lighter and darker sections for great dimension and flattering radiance.
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