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Red Hair for a Cool Skin

Q: What is a good red hair color for a cool skin? I don't want to look too artificial. My natural color is a level 6 brown.
A: Well, with a cool skin tone, your best bet is to look for colors that use a violet or red-violet base pigment. These are going to offer reds in the most flattering shades for your skin tone.
Redhead Marcia Cross
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The natural look can be achieved through the specific color you use. If what you wish to add is a red tone to your natural color look for a red-violet shade at level 8 or 9 and mix it with 10-volume developer to create a deposit-only formula.
This will add red tones to your natural color and simply make the hair color look richer and deeper. If you are concerned over the potential of making the color too red, you can get a second package of the color and process the first application for half the recommended time. If the color result is what you want, make a note of the time you processed the color and save the unopened color for future use.
If the color results are not intense enough, you can use a second color application and get a deeper result.
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