A-line Bob and Layers

Hair stylist cutting an A-line bob with layers
Photo: Fancy Studio/Shutterstock
Q: I have long hair that is layered all over. I want to cut it shorter and was thinking of an A-line style, long front and shorter in the back, but my friend told me I can't do that because of the shorter layers in my hair. Will my hair really be as short as my shortest layer in the front for an A-line?
A: Well, your friend is correct in that you can't just ignore the layers in your hair when you want to go from a layered cut to a traditionally blunt cut like the A-line bob. The shorter layers will still be present and must be taken into account in the hairstyle.
However, a good stylist can help you by creating "transitional" hairstyles that will help you go from the layered cut you currently have to the A-line cut you want. You can get the look you want as long as you understand that there are limits based on the way your hair is already cut.
With smooth, even layering, the hair can often be cut into the new style (with the layers) and styled to approximate the look desired. This only becomes more difficult if the layering is of the "chunky" variety.
Talk to your stylist about the look you want and discuss the options available to you. It may be that you can go through one or two "transition" hairstyles, and end up where you want to be. Or it is possible that you can get your hair cut into the style you want now and the layering can be incorporated into it until they grow out.
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