BUNDY BUNDY artistic team

Short hairstyle by Bundy Bundy
Creative power for styling trends, fashion and innovation
In addition to the classic styling business, BUNDY BUNDY have earned international renown with their artistic team. Under the direction of junior director Hannes Steinmetz, about 10 artistic team members are the creative driving force of the company, known worldwide for their vanguard hair art and visionary stylings.
Like any other fashion business, hairdressing is all about creating new styles, defining new standards and setting new criteria - through continuous development, progress and change, combined with passion and craftsmanship. The challenge is about creating distinctive trends with maximum technical perfection and a visionary artistic glance - all with the unmistakable signature of BUNDY BUNDY.
The success of the BUNDY BUNDY brand rests on 3 basic pillars: trend, fashion and innovation expertise
Trend expertise: BUNDY BUNDY are open to artistic stimuli from architecture, painting, culture, music and other areas. Serving as the artistic wellspring, these impressions are incorporated into new stylings. The BUNDY BUNDY artistic team uses these influences to develop the twice-yearly BUNDY BUNDY Trend Collections with vision and the latest chic.
Fashion expertise: The BUNDY BUNDY artistic team tracks new international currents and techniques and uses them to develop innovative cutting, dyeing and styling trends - with absolute commitment to top quality and craftsmanship standards.
Innovation expertise: BUNDY BUNDY do not simply follow trends but design the related styles themselves. The artistic team presents its innovative creations in the international context and develops perspectives for future stylings.
International and national shows & cooperations
Wella Trend Vision: Every autumn, the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team realises the Wella Trend Vision. Jointly with the Wella trendscouts, the team presents cutting-edge haircuts, topical dyeing techniques and stylings in a mix of trend show and workshop. www.wella.at
Colour&Fashion Tour: At the Wella Colour&Fashion Tour, the artistic team shows BUNDY BUNDY's interpretations of the Wella Trend Visions within the scope of a roadshow through Austria.
Alternative Hair Show in London: This is where the hairdressing elite meets. In the autumn of 2007, the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team was among the 25 exclusive participants at the 25th anniversary of the prestigious "Alternative Hair Show" in London. Also 2009 the participance at the Alternative Hair Show, that took place in Vienna for the very first time this year, was an absolute highlight for the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team. More information is available at www.alternativehair.org
Hetzendorf Fashion School: As cooperating partner of the Hetzendorf Fashion School in Vienna, the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team accompanies the designs created by the young couturiers with sensational stylings at the annual presentations.
Besides, the artistic team presents its creations at a number of shows for specialist firms, fashion shows for companies such as Liska, Versace, Armani, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, - and within the scope of cooperations such as Mont Blanc and art projects, cooperating with artists such as Irene Andessner and Xenia Hausner for example.
More information: www.bundy.at