A Long Neck and Short Hair

Short hair cut for women who have a long neck
Photo: Virales/Shutterstock
Q: Can a person with a long neck get her hair cut short, or is that a bad idea?
A: Short hair can work fine with a longer neck. Just make sure to keep the dimensions of the cut in balance with the rest of the features.
You might consider a style with increasing layers in the nape area so that the hair falls lower on the neck without resorting to a blunted haircut. Also keep in mind that the goal is to have a finished hairstyle that creates the oval ideal in shape, and balances the features of the face that need to be balanced to create that ideal.
You should also remember that lengths are relative to the size, length and shape of the features of the head and neck. Hair that is three inches in length will look shorter on a person with a long neck than on someone with a short neck. Make sure your stylist keeps this in mind to avoid looking awkward in the finished style.
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