Facial Hair Growth Rate

Man with a stubble beard
Photo: ColorMaker/Shutterstock
Q: How fast do all areas of facial hair grow (mustache area, beard region, sideburns, eyebrows, and neck)?
A: The rate of growth for all the hair on the body is approximately one-half inches per month.
Some people think that facial hair grows faster, but that's an illusion created by the fact that facial hair (for men) is usually shaved to the skin and the growth of it is really noticeable. Some people's hair grows faster, and some slower, but one-half inch per month is the average.
This shouldn't lead you to believe that left unchecked the hair of your face will grow to unlimited lengths. If this were the case, we might see trends where eyebrows are grown to dramatic lengths and styled in astonishing configurations.
The hair on the face, head and body are all governed by genetic factors that determine maximum lengths, textures, wave patterns and growth patterns. So for a general idea of what you can expect from your own facial hair, look no further than your family tree. Good, bad or ugly, it's all there.
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