Graduated Bob with Halo

Graduated bob with halo
Step by step guide on how to cut a graduated bob with halo from Stacey Broughton, This Salon Classics cut is a mix of angles that result in unique shapes. This cut requires you to use classic graduation techniques to create a totally modern asymmetric feel.
Graduated bob - Before the haircut
Before: Model Jessica before the cut.
Graduated bob - Partition the hair into sections
Step 1: Partition the hair into three sections. Remember clean sections.
Graduated bob - Section the nape area
Step 2: First the nape area. From the top of the left ear, to the top of the opposite temple. This will allow for the square clean outline on the left hand side.
Graduated bob - Section the crown area
Step 3: Secondly, the crown area. This area starts an inch in from the parting, runs round the contour of the head, and down below the crown area in a circular fashion. This area incorporates the curved round outline from the fringe to the back graduation.
Graduated bob - hair parting for a circular section
Step 4: This leaves a circular section, which is disconnected in the crown area to facilitate movement.
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