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Short Graduated Bob

Step by step guide on how to cut a short graduated bob from Stacey Broughton,
short graduated bob

The Short Graduated Bob is an absolute alltime salon great that teaches the need for balance and consistency in graduation. This cut uses a soft blend of rounded graduation contrasted with triangles of variable length and even weight running throughout the perimeter to maximize head shape and movement.
Red, before the cut.
short graduated bob - before the haircut short graduated bob - step 1
Step 1
Take a diagonal section in the front hairline and point cut a line below the cheek bone that runs to the mid-ear using your comb as a guide.
Step 2
Then check this section in your fingers using a pointing technique to refine. Notice Stacey's longest point is in the front of the section, framing the face.
short graduated bob - step 2 short graduated bob - step 3
Step 3
Then take a parallel section and comb it over the initial section. Then take away the small area behind the ear. Cut this section on the skin using the underneath as a guide.
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