One Length Bob

One length box bob
Step by step guide on how to cut a one length box bob from Stacey Broughton, A fundamental and always popular salon hairstyle. The one length box bob, cut with tension. A beautifully simple shape full of discipline and technique...
One length bob - Before the haircut
Before: Lauren before the cut and colour.
One length bob - How to section the hair
Step 1: Please note that although Stacey will work through the back in parallel sections, he chooses to section the back in two halves for ease and symmetry. He will be working up the head with parallel sections. You will see later that once Stacey reaches the ear he will follow the section into the front hairline.
One length bob - Cut a square line with tension
Step 2: Starting in the nape using a slightly curved horizontal section cut a square line with tension. Start in the centre and work out on both sides. Choose a fairly large initial section to establish weight in your outline.
One length bob - Cut the hair with accuracy
Step 3: Continue with parallel sections up the head with the same tension and using your previous section as a guide. Please notice the head is tilted slightly, this allows you to cut your line with accuracy. Note that with the head tilted, it is important to follow the square line in relation to the head angle.
One length bob - Check and clean your cutting line
Step 4: After cutting your line comb the hair and assess your shape aesthetically. Constantly check and clean your line.
One length bob - Check hair weight and balance
Step 5: Once you reach the top of the ear check your weight and balance visually.
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