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Balanced Round Graduation

Step by step guide on how to cut a balanced round graduation from Stacey Broughton,
balanced round graduation hair cut

"Hello Halo" is a suitable, balanced, rounded shape, which embraces texture and colour, and is compliant with a modern lifestyle. A balanced play between the Noughties and Twenties. Biba-esque and Now!
Lauren before the cut.
balanced round graduation - before the haircut balanced round graduation - step 1
Step 1
The hair is sectioned from the temple working to a point in the crown area, creating a V shape section.
Step 2
Start with a diagonal section from the front hairline, to in front of the ear, resting the comb on the skin and the hair to be accurate with the angle.
Point a line towards the tip of the ear. At this stage we need to create weight on the outline.
balanced round graduation - step 2 balanced round graduation - step 3
Step 3
Continue with diagonal sections, following the outline shape, again using a pointing technique. This weighted panel will provide a guide for the back.
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