The Step

The Step haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut "The Step" from Lee Stafford,
"The Step" - A Debbie Harry influenced timeless classic. Ageless in vibe. Powerful in technique and discipline. A simple classic short haircut that can be worn as simple as you wish or can be turned up to be as rock and roll as you dare.
Step haircut - Before
Before: Laura before the cut and colour.
Step haircut - How to do a horseshoe section
Step 1: Start with a horseshoe section on the top.
Step haircut - How to do a traingle section for the fringe
Step 2: A triangle section for the fringe.
Step haircut - How to section hair
Step 3: And a small square section on the side.
Step haircut - Begin above the ear
Step 4: Begin with the square left hand panel above the ear. Take an initial horizontal section above the ear, then elevate and cut a square line.
Step haircut - Create some graduation
Step 5: Subsequent sections are taken parallel with a fraction of elevation creating a small amount of graduation.
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