The Step

The Step haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut "The Step" from Lee Stafford,
"The Step" - A Debbie Harry influenced timeless classic. Ageless in vibe. Powerful in technique and discipline. A simple classic short haircut that can be worn as simple as you wish or can be turned up to be as rock and roll as you dare.
Step haircut - Before
Before: Laura before the cut and color.
Step haircut - How to do a horseshoe section
Step 1: Start with a horseshoe section on the top.
Step haircut - How to do a traingle section for the fringe
Step 2: A triangle section for the fringe.
Step haircut - How to section hair
Step 3: And a small square section on the side.
Step haircut - Begin above the ear
Step 4: Begin with the square left hand panel above the ear. Take an initial horizontal section above the ear, then elevate and cut a square line.
Step haircut - Create some graduation
Step 5: Subsequent sections are taken parallel with a fraction of elevation, creating a small amount of graduation.
Step haircut - Clean the outline with pointcutting
Step 6: Once this internal shape has been executed, clean the outline with a pointing technique. Lee decides on a dramatic defined outline. He also has the option of a soft line.
Step haircut - Cut a square line
Step 7: Then work on the back area, dividing it down the centre vertically. Take an initial horizontal section, cutting a square line slightly angling away from the ear to build up weight behind the ear.
Step haircut - Work parallel sections
Step 8: Now work parallel sections with tension and elevation. Note that it is important to place the internal shape before cleaning the outline.
Step haircut - Keep the cutting line consistent
Step 9: Once the ear is reached on the right hand side, continue the same technique around to the front. Notice how to assess the tension around the ear to keep the line consistent.
Step haircut - Create a corner shape behind the ear
Step 10: Be aware of the correct angling to keep weight and to create a corner shape behind the ear.
Step haircut - Cutting technique
Step 11: Continue this process with the same technique as you work up the head.
Step haircut - Elevate the hair
Step 12: Next take a vertical section in the back, elevate the hair and remove the corner from the top of the section.
Step haircut - Create a softer edge
Step 13: Then work this technique round the head, creating a softer edge. Be sure to pivot through to a horizontal section as you work in front of the ear.
Step haircut - Work on the fringe section
Step 14: Next work on the triangular fringe section. Take a horizontal section, using tension and a pointing technique to achieve the desired length.
Step haircut - Refine the line of the fringe
Step 15: Then refine this line on the surface of the skin.
Step haircut - Cut the rest of the fringe
Step 16: Then repeat the same process with the subsequent section.
Step haircut - Use a slicing technique on the fringe
Step 17: Next use a hair slicing technique to loosen and soften the fringe.
Step haircut - Cut a loose line
Step 18: Now work the remainder of the horseshoe section, taking a vertical section, elevating the hair upwards and square, and cut a loose line with the blades of the scissors.
Step haircut - Refine the disconnected hair
Step 19:
Then refine the remainder of the disconnected hair, allowing for texture and movement.
Step haircut - Refine the outline of the cut
Step 20: Finally, refine the outline.
Classic short step haircut
Finish: A simple classic short haircut that can be worn as simple as you wish or can be turned up to be as rock and roll as you dare.
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