Kylie Minogue Hairstyles

Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue was born on May 28th, 1968. She became famous in the late 1980s for her role in the soap Neighbours.
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Kylie Minogue with curly hair styled up
  • Kyie Minogue's wavy bob
  • Kylie Minoque's hair with rolling volume
  • Kylie Minoque's hair with shoulder length hair

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Kylie has gone through an amazing evolution as an artist and in her fashion. Her style is filled with colorful, extraordinary and eccentric outfits, it is sexy and lighthearted. Just like her hair.
Over the past years Kylie went from long waves to medium long haircuts, but still curly, wavy hair. She wears it in classical shapes that bring most of the attention to her features leaves the special effects up to her clothes. Kylie's hair color is a bright blonde that she wears in a range of hues from light caramel to a pearlescent light blonde.
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