Unique by Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare!

Energetic hairstyles
This exciting collection of hairstyles from Patricia Norman and her artistic team is rightfully called "Unique". The styles are energetic and different, celebrating the looks and attitudes of the women who wear them.
From a day in the boardroom to a night on the town, there are hairstyles here for everyone.

Spiral-Curled Mid-Length Hair

Spiral-curled mid-length shag hairstyle
Mid-length curled hairstyle with a curved fringe
The dark blonde hair with highlights is accentuated heavily by this hairstyle. The cut is a mid-length shag, styled with a smoothly curved fringe and spiral-curled back and sides. The look is vibrant and playful, but suitable for even the most professional occasions.
The use of smoothing serum and wax-based styling products will give you curls that last, and are both manageable and malleable.

Classic Blunt Cut Hair

Classic blunt cut hairstyle with a long fringe
Classic medium length haircut with an off-center parting
This classic blunt cut features an off-center parting and heavily textured ends. The fringe is long and cut on the curve, then swept back and tucked behind the ears.
The hair color is rich and warm in four carefully crafted tones to create a natural-looking but striking interplay of light and dark. The hair is styled with a blow-dryer and brush into smooth curves with a gentle flip at the ends.

Volume & Spiral Curls

Hair with massive volume and spiral curls
Hair with golden blonde highlighting
Massive volume and spiral curls create a golden mane of hair. This bold hairstyle is lightly layered to distribute the bulk and volume, while the hair is styled by scrunching and drying using diffused heat and protective products to smooth and define the curls.
The medium blonde tone is broken up with lots of golden blonde highlighting creating a multi-tonal blonde.

Mid-Length Haircut & Glasses

Mid-length hairstyle that works with glasses
Mid-length hairstyle for eyeglass wearers
This is a mid-length layered cut for the sensible, yet stylish. The soft medium blonde hair is brightened by evenly spread highlights and the cut features a broad fringe and off-center, point-parting.
The fringe is cut along a curved line, and the longer edges are tucked back into hair behind the ears for a neat look. As shown, the hair is styled with a blow-dryer and brush for a soft, smoother look with out-curled ends at the nape of the neck. This is a good hairstyle for women who wear glasses.

Long Sable Locks

Long sable locks hairstyle with a side parting
The long, sable locks shown here are cut with long layers. The hairstyle features a side parting and very long fringe. The wider portion of the fringe is styled to curve slightly under and the side tucks into the hair behind the ears.
The overall styling features what is likely a roller set using large rollers for full, sweeping waves and soft curls at the ends.

Silky Soft Hair

Silky soft medium length hair with layers
Silky and soft, and the color of rich coffee. This is a medium length hairstyle featuring layers to frame the face. The fringe area is cut along a curved line and the ends all over are textured with a razor tool to soften.
The hair is styled using a blow-dryer and round brush to create large curves and bends at the ends while maintaining a smooth finish.

Classy Sleek Bob

Classic sleek asymmetrical bob for ginger hair
Sophisticated ginger hair in a bob
This sleek and sophisticated ginger style is a classy, and classic, asymmetrical bob. The hairstyle features a wide eye-length fringe and an off-center parting, with the dominant side falling approximately two inches longer than the passive side.
The hair is styled so that the hair frames the face in a slightly off-center fashion. This hairstyle illustrates the many possibilities and benefits of a bob.

Tucked Behind the Ears

Bob haircut with curled under sides
Mid-neck length bob with bangs
Here we have the same bob hairstyle as the ginger version done in sable. The cut is identical, with modifications in the fringe, raising the length to the brow line. The greatest difference comes in the styling.
The ends of both the dominant and passive sides are curled under more tightly, and the forward portions of the passive side are pulled back and tucked smoothly behind the ears.
Hair: Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Jenny Joesch
Products: REDKEN
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