The Benefits of a Bob

Front and back view of a bob cut for older women
Q: Last week one of my older clients (forty-something) wanted to know what the benefits of a bob cut are when you get older. Not a long bob, but the chin-length kind of bob. I think that I gave her all the right answers but I would love to know what your opinion is about the advantages of a bob.
A: A chin-length bob is a really good choice for a forty-something in my opinion. I’ll give you my reasons, but since you’re a hairdresser as well, most of these will probably correspond with yours.
1. The most obvious reason is the fact that chin-length bobs tend to make a woman look younger, for a couple of reasons. If she had long hair before the cut, the bulk is taken off, which opens up her face and gives an all-over lighter look.
Mature women with long hair regularly fall into the trap of pulling their hair into a ponytail or a bun because they lead busy lives and don’t have the time to blow-dry or straighten it every day. If you’re doing this, then just cut your hair into a more manageable, sophisticated style. An older woman shouldn’t be walking around in a ponytail during business hours.
2. A well-styled and maintained chin-length bob looks classy and sophisticated. And because the hair is so much shorter, it’s really easy to keep the hair and cut it in tip-top shape. You can easily blow-dry and style it every morning or every second morning, which ensures that you’ll always look great at the office or during meetings. Because the hair is short, it’s much less expensive to have it colored and highlighted.
Your shampoo, conditioner, treatment and hairstyling products also last so much longer. I always suggest to use the extra money to take better care of your hair, because you would have used that money on your hair anyway. Get a keratin treatment or Brazilian blow-dry done every few months. This will make your hair super glossy and easily manageable, which will save even more time.
3. The chin-length bob softens the facial features, which tends to make the woman look more attractive and elegant. By default; the chin-length bob’s outline follows the silhouette of the face. This means that it is one of the most perfect face-framing cuts that there are.
Each chin-length cut reminds me of a “designer-cut” because the cut literally fits the face of each specific person, as the wispy outline of the cut frames the face so beautifully. The outline of the cut also accentuates the cheek- and jawbones, while simultaneously also opening up the neck- and collarbones, which adds a really feminine and sexy appeal.
4. Our hair tends to thin out as we grow older. This is very visible when hair is long, because the hair tends to get oily much quicker, which means that the hair structures stick to one another and to the scalp. In effect, this exposes the spots where hair loss is more noticeable.
When you cut the bulk of the hair into a bob, you get rid of those dry ends and dead weight. This means that the hair follicle doesn’t need to produce so much sebum/hair-oil to try and push all the way down to those brittle and dry ends. The hair is automatically cleaner and lighter, which means increased volume, making the hair look thicker and healthy.
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