Hairstyle for a Thin Face

Hairstyle for a thin face
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Q: I have a really thin face. How can I make it look fatter with the right hairstyle (long or short?) and maybe make-up or clothes?
A: As with any face shape, you want to make sure you work with a sense of proportion, and focus on horizontal lines and focus in the hairstyle. This means incorporating style elements that broaden the silhouette of the head.
I would recommend a style that keeps the volume low at the top of the head and perhaps uses a horizontal fringe line. In addition, style the hair so that there is added volume and bulk along the sides - whether by styling the hair outward along the sides or adding large curl for bulk. This can be done using a layered, "outwardly flipped" style or a blunt cut that is styled with a large bend that arcs out from the temples and creates a large "c" shape at the sides of the face, or at least a strong horizontal line along the jaw level.
As for clothing, try short-collared tops and cowl neck/mock turtleneck tops to minimize the appearance of a long neck that would enhance a vertical focus. Boat neck tops and crew-neck tee-shirts are also good choices, as these enhance a horizontal focus to the silhouette.
Make-up becomes a simple matter of not using shades that are too dark when applying blush or contouring. In fact, keep the palette soft and pastel, with shimmers in the eye area, and use a slightly paler shade of powder across the top of the cheeks and at the outside of the eyes so that you can make the face appear more rounded and moonlike.
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