Hair Salon Etiquette for Stylists (2)

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Clean is Key
Cleanliness is extremely important to create a feeling of trust and relaxation for your clients. Make sure that your mirror is sparkling, all your brushes, combs, scissors, and other tools are in an immaculate state. Bottles and products should be clean and not have any sticky residue on or around them. Place everything you need in an orderly fashion, without cluttering the space.
Besides your station, you also have to present yourself in the most appealing manner. You will be in very close proximity to your customer and any type of body odor is more than inappropriate. Also avoid wearing too many rings, bracelets, or clattering bangles. Keep your nails trimmed and well-manicured, and having a mint in time also increases the comfort level for the person in the chair. Strong perfumes or intensely smelling lotions are also discouraged, as some people may be very sensitive to these strong smells.
You and Your Colleagues
The behavior of each one of you is part of the salon culture and clients quickly pick up on the general vibe. Keep your communication with your colleagues professional, friendly, and with a smile. It will make everyone feel better. Never talk in a negative way about other clients with your colleagues. Never speak about non-present customers at all where you can be overheard!
There is nothing wrong with a little banter between the stations and some friendly exchange, but it should be brief and not take your attention and concentration away from your current customer. They are number one when they are in your chair. They are paying for your time and deserve your full attention. You will be rewarded with repeat business and positive reviews.
Keep a positive attitude in your relationship with your coworkers. Do not steal clients, talk behind their backs, pick on, or bully anyone. It seems like a no-brainer, but it does happen often that animosities between co-workers develop, which are toxic to the work environment and directly affect customers and, in turn, the bottom line. Work out conflicts behind the scenes, away from the public, but always act as if a customer were in the room with you.
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Handle Complaints
Accidents happen, and not every customer will be thrilled about the outcome of your work on their hair. When you are confronted with a complaint, address it politely. Do not argue with the client. It will only make matters worse. Express that you understand the situation and offer to remedy it at no cost.
A little generosity from your side in critical situations can make the difference between keeping a client or not. And one unhappy customer who goes out of that door will spread the word of their disaster to innumerable friends, relatives, colleagues, and even mere acquaintances. Can you really afford this much bad PR?
With some thoughtfulness, care, good communication before and behind the scenes, common sense, compassion, and skill, you will sail smoothly through all situations in your salon. Make your clients smile, feel, and look great, and your business can only go up.
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