Hair Salon Etiquette for the Client

Hair salon client getting an angled bob cut
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A visit to the salon is so much more than just getting your hair done. It is supposed to be a soul-soothing experience of rejuvenation, an oasis in the hustle and bustle of our lives out of which we emerge pampered, beautiful, and at peace with the world.
Having good salon manners helps to make the most of your visit and while most of it is simply common sense, we often forget the small things that can make the difference between getting poor service or getting the best service and a smile on your face.
In the hair salon, the most important person for you is your stylist. While they have their own set of do's and don'ts, here is what you should consider as a mindful customer:
Be Prepared
Before you visit the salon, educate yourself about the type of hairstyle that you would like to have. Think about what might work with your hair and look good on you. Perhaps even try out different hairstyles with a virtual hairstyle software that you can find here. If you visit the salon with realistic expectations, the chance of being disappointed becomes very low.
Be on Time
It is basic courtesy to be on time and it will always be to your benefit. You might lose your appointment if you are too late and additional waiting time is no fun. Your stylist might have to rush and not give you all of the attention and care that you deserve and want.
It is nice to chat with your stylist about the ups and downs in life, but make sure to clearly communicate your ideas and desires for your hair. Tell him or her what you expect from your visit, how much time you usually spend styling your hair, and how daring you would like to be. Be open to their suggestions and also make sure to find out the cost for all of the services of your visit before your hair gets wet. This is perhaps the most important part of your visit. Make sure you and your stylist are on the same page!
Caped hair salon client with a freshly cut pixie cut
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Curb the Chatter
We all know that our stylists also wear the hats of therapists, and spilling your latest excitements and dramas in front of that big mirror and to their patient ears comes easily. Do not forget that this friendly person is working on your hair, and even the most experienced hairdressers have to concentrate on what they do, especially when it is a new cut or any service that requires a certain amount of creativity.
Let them do their job and keep the conversation low-key, positive, and avoid ranting or heavy subjects. There is a time and place for that, but it is not in the salon chair. As much as you might be drawn to your stylist, keep the relationship on a friendly, professional level and don't try to be best friends and confidants.
Kindness Counts
Be polite, ask for what you want, but do so in a kind way. Loud and demanding behavior makes everyone uncomfortable, and you want the person who will use a sharp instrument on your hair to be in the best of spirits and have a very positive attitude towards you.
Cell Phones
Unhook yourself from your digital leash and enjoy the freedom of just being in the moment and only talking to the person next to you. This is your time. It is about your hair, the way you will look and feel. Keep it special and turn off your phone. You are paying for your time at the salon, make the most of it. The world can reconnect with you in an hour. It is highly unpleasant for others to involuntarily witness phone conversations, especially when a speaker phone is involved.
How much do you really want to share with everyone? Do it for yourself, your stylist, and for the other customers at the salon. Unless there is an emergency, keep your hands off the phone. In case your hairdresser has one ear, eye, or even finger on their cell phone, ask them politely to bring their attention back to you.
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