Hair Salon Etiquette for the Client

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Anyone who performs a service for you deserves a tip. A gratuity of 15 to 20 percent is recommended, including the salon owner, if he or she works on your hair. If you are happy with your visit, show it. Around holidays, small gifts will always be appreciated. Gift cards give many options and price ranges.
Complaints and Things gone Wrong
It happens to the best of us. Sometimes things just go wrong, even with the best intentions. The hair color doesn't come out the way it was supposed to, the cut isn't what you had imagined, or the perm doesn't hold. Human errors or matters of chemistry. There can be a number of issues and even disasters at a hair salon. Whatever it may be, maintain your composure.
Yelling, threatening, crying, or any other kind of extreme emotional reaction will not fix it. Talk to your stylist about ways to remedy your hair and the situation. MMost mishaps can be easily fixed, and you should not be charged for any additional work. Accept the apology and let a genuine effort make you happy again.
Switching Stylists
Over time, many of us develop a strong affinity and sometimes close to friendship with our favorite stylist. We trust them to know our hair, what looks best on us, and our deepest desires. It is predictable, comfortable, and safe. But what if there is a rut that you would like to break out of without breaking the bond? Breaking up is hard to do, and for some reason, we feel especially guilty when it is with our hairdresser.
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There is no need to feel bad about moving on and trying out a new set of eyes and hands working on your hair. It doesn't even mean that you were unhappy with the services in the past, only that you want to experience another flavor. They will understand. Just make sure to tell your stylist in kind words, because they might wonder if they did something wrong after not seeing you for a long time. Just as you feel you have a bond, the stylists do remember their frequent customers.
With all these simple rules of courtesy in mind, your experience at a salon will always be as pleasant and successful as it should be. Kindness and good communication are key, just as they are in all the other areas of your exciting life.
One last tip: never cross your arms or legs while getting your hair cut. Read why here.
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