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Hair salon interior with furniture
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The most essential part of your salon interior is the correct lighting. On average, only 20% of a salon is lit by ambient light and the rest is from lighting fixtures.
Keep in mind that light directly influences how color is perceived. Stylists need to see every detail of their work, and the right light will make their client look good in the mirror. To get the truest results in hair color, which will look the same in natural light when your client leaves the salon, do not take shortcuts when it comes to your bulbs.
Halogen, LED, or special daylight lamps from the ceiling directly above every work space will provide the best working conditions for stylists. However, they can make a client's face and skin tone look a bit more harsh due to strong shadows and the harsher quality of the light, which is rather unforgiving for blemishes and lines. To alleviate this, a softer, incandescent light at about the client's eye level is a good choice.
When planning the lighting in a salon, there are three major factors that have to be in harmony: the practical aspect of true colors and clear vision, a softer light for clients' faces, and soft accent light in the waiting area and around the retail shelves.
You cannot do without them and the bigger the better. This is not an item to be stingy about, and only the best quality should be your choice. A good mirror should not have any irregularities and no foggy areas around the edges. Never choose a tinted mirror as it will not give a true reflection of the hair color to your client.
The type of frame should match the general style of your salon. Use a neutral color in the frame as you don't want to draw attention away from the center. Many large mirrors in a salon open it up and can make it look much larger. They also help spread and reflect the light.
Hair salon with a lot of big mirrors
There are many colors for sinks, but you should stick with the traditional white. It is the best canvas for stylists to see the color of the hair before and after the treatment. They also have a neat appearance and are a proven classic that should not be altered.
The Waiting Area
Functionality and comfort have to go hand-in-hand in your waiting area. Comfortable chairs with an easy-to-clean surface, a small table, a coat and umbrella rack, and perhaps a small area with self-serve water and coffee can be arranged to create a welcoming and cozy space. Sofas are a nice accent but chairs provide more privacy even when they are close together.
Magazines and hairstyle books are a must, but make sure to keep them up-to-date and always neatly stacked. Add a few plants and maybe a small water fountain to make the waiting area a place of serenity and tranquility. Your clients will be relaxed without even knowing why.
Hair salon waiting area
Hairdressing Chairs
Function and comfort are key. The lifting mechanism should be quiet and swift. The chair should be easy to clean and comfortably cushioned with good back support for longer sessions.
You can never go wrong with a stylish black color. It has a neutral elegance that works with all colors and interior styles. Other colors like red are stunning, but if the quality is not top-notch the color may fade out over time, especially when the chair is exposed to sunlight through a window.
Hairdressing chair
With most of your wall space taken up by mirrors, there is not much room to hang artwork. A very common sight are enlarged photographs of hairstyles on the walls. This is great if those are contemporary looks, but you would need to replace them regularly to not appear out-of-date.
If you want to incorporate art into your salon, opt for framed prints of paintings that reflect the spirit of your business, modern abstracts, hip graffiti, calming views of florals, or timeless fashion drawings. If your style is on the retro side, some antique advertisements would be a fun choice as well.
Hair salon shelves and cabinets
Shelves and Cabinets
Storage space is very important, and while you may want to hide some things in cabinets, you will need open shelves to display the products you have for sale. Choose a light color that will not show every hint of dust. It will cut down on your cleaning time. Keep the shelves close to the waiting area to improve sales.
After building your beautiful new hair salon, just make sure to never clutter any area in it, from stations to the waiting area. Keep it clean and crisp with a creative touch, but always focused on the needs of the client who should feel like a celebrity and leave looking like one.
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