Being a Hairdresser

Hairdresser cutting hair short
People from all parts of the world, of both genders, decide that they want to become a hairdresser. Some do it simply because they love working with hair. They are the ones who, as children, spent hours brushing, combing, braiding, and generally playing with the hair of any long-haired relative who would sit still long enough. They have the "calling" to be hairstylists.
Others see hairdressing simply as one of their options in life. They have had lots of practice with their own hair, or with friends’ hair, and probably know a hairdresser who is a friend or family member. For these individuals, hairdressing is a job they are familiar with and feel comfortable pursuing.
Regardless of what brings them to consider a career in hairdressing, every candidate will need training, and these candidates will have different expectations from a hairdressing career. Some want to be hairdressers for the stability. Most hairdressers can always find work, whether they are employed by a salon, or work for themselves renting space in a salon, or open their own salons.
Others see hairdressing as an outlet for their creativity and a way to make a living doing something that allows them to be artistic and creative. They look forward to a job doing something that makes them happy because they are making something they find beautiful.
Some people see hairdressing as a way to gain notoriety. They want to be on the forefront of the trendsetters and see hairdressing as a way to make a name for themselves in their communities. These people enjoy being the one that other people consider the expert on matters of style and beauty.
Cutting hair short
Pros and Cons of Being a Hairdresser
No matter what brings you to wanting to be a hairdresser or what you expect from a hairdressing career, there are good and bad points about this path. Just like any career or occupation, there are going to be things you will and won’t like about hairdressing. Here are some of the pros (good things) about being a hairdresser:
•  People – Being a hairdresser is all about serving clients. Because of this, you will come into contact with lots of different people every day. This keeps your job fresh, challenging, and rewarding, since it gives you a constant source of opportunities to show someone else just what you can do for them.
•  Flexibility – As a hairdresser, you can choose how you practice your profession. You can work for someone else, or for yourself. You can make your hours a regular 9 to 5, or work by appointment only, setting appointments at whatever times are convenient for you and your clients.
•  Variety – Most of your clients will want different types of services. You may mostly give haircuts, but will also have styling appointments, chemical services (such as color, perms, and straightening services) and depending on your level of training, you may also have clients who want aesthetic services such as facials, hair removal, and nail services. With the various number of services available, you will always have something different to do every day.
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