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Growing Out Your Hair

How to grow your hair out in stages
Growing out your hair, especially when you have rocked a pixie cut for a long time, is probably one of the hardest things you can attempt to do in life. You yearn for longer locks; you see celebrities and have friends with these amazing bobs or waist length hair and you crave it. It does not even matter how healthy their hair may appear, the bottom line is that they have this hair and you now want it but how does anyone have the patience to let their hair grow? How does someone come back from the cropped pixie that is still super in fashion and favored by many?
I am at the point in my life right now so I know exactly how hard it is to let my hair get past a certain point. It has been over a decade and I will let my hair get to a certain point but then I get so frustrated that it is not growing fast enough and looks sort of awkward that I go back to the scissors; I give up. I’ve used extensions as a buffer but that becomes super expensive and timely so it can lose its appeal. Plus, I would always worry that any guy I would be with would love my long hair and then get turned off when he would feel the glue and/or the tracks that line my head.
Pixie before growing hair out

It is an uphill battle and often feels like a losing one because as much as I want super long hair that is all mine, I doubt my own patience. So I start to wonder what I can do to make it go a lot smoother so that maybe I can actually achieve my long hair goals. That is actually how one starts to grow out a pixie cut: by setting hair goals based on length but they have to be realistic. Yes, I would love to wake up tomorrow with hair down the middle of my back but I have to be real with myself and know that is not going to happen. But it can, for me and for you, and here are a few ways to make the process go by a little more swimmingly.
First off, look at your bangs and how short they are. Most pixies consist of super short bangs so set goals for your bangs, lengthwise, like mine was to get them down past my eyes. Once I knew I could do that then I knew I was going to be able to pin them back and that would be a huge feat, especially for me. So start small and then it is time to take on the bob. But how do we get there and in the healthiest of ways?
It does require the altering of a lot of your norms but if you really want this then you can achieve it and you can start by ditching your cotton pillowcases. The best is a sateen case or silk, something that will not tangle or tear at your locks as you sleep.
You also need to know your hair and if it is thick or “normal,” and do not dare over suds it with shampoo. Shampoo maybe two to three times a week. Always use conditioner, no matter how many times per week you get your hair damp. Conditioners help to moisturize the follicles whereas shampoos only remove the good oils that are in your hair. The good oils are essential to helping your hair grow and stay healthy. So make sure you do not skimp out on the conditioning. Even apply some conditioner before you take a dip in the pool (chlorine!) to avoid chemical damage.
At the end of your shower, take about five seconds and turn on the cold water as this will increase and enhance shine in your hair. And do not get rough with your towel post-shower, like wrapping your hair up in said towel. Find a nice scarf or wrap that is made of cloth or silk that is super smooth as to not pull at your hair and cause unnecessary breakage thus defeating the whole growth purpose.
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