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How to wrap a turban
Q: How do you wrap a towel in turban-fashion?
A: The idea of wrapping a towel in turban-fashion refers to the headwear worn by peoples of many nationalities, based on the wrapping of a long piece of fabric around the head as a head (and hair) covering. Turbans are referred to by many names, but can be found among Arab, Indian, and many Northern and Western African countries (to name a few).
For our purposes, we intend the use of a turban to indicate a covering for the hair & head that uses a long piece of fabric wrapped and secured in place.
Wrapping a towel in turban-fashion is generally done in order to allow the towel to wick excess moisture from the hair while allowing the individual to proceed with other tasks. This can help the individual to maximize the use of her time.
To create a turban wrap using a towel, you need a towel that is large enough to cover the head, and whose ends hang below the shoulders when draped over the top of the head. While many people love a thick, plush towel, thinner towels tend to work better in a turban application. In fact, you could simply use a long piece of absorbent cloth instead of a towel if you chose.
The width of the towel should be sufficient to extend from the front hairline to the nape of the neck. If the towel is wider than this, fold on side over until the width meets these requirements.
Hair wrapped in a turban towel
The specific wrap depends on the length of the hair. For short hair, simply place the doubled-over edge of the towel at the nape of the neck, allowing the rest of the towel to cover the forward section of the head. Take the ends of the towel and bring them around to the forehead. Cross the ends of the towel and direct them back to the nape area and tuck the ends under the folded edge of the towel. If needed, use clips or bob pins to hold the ends in place.
For long hair, lean the head forward so that the hair hangs in front of your body. Again, place the folded edge of the towel (if any) at the nape of the neck and allow the remaining edge to fall forward to the front. Gather the ends of the towel and press the length of the hair between the ends of the towel. Gently twist the ends of the towel together with the hair until the towel is slightly taut, then bring the twist up and back over the head to the nape of the neck. Tuck the ends of the hair beneath the folded edge of the towel and secure as needed.
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