Growing Out Your Hair (2)

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As your hair begins to grow out and you are getting to the beginning of the first of the awkward stages leading to the bob, adding a semi-permanent color or a few fun highlights will help to add to the change you need throughout the growth process.
You may also want to start parting your hair differently or curling the front to add more volume. Do whatever you can to make it through this awkward phase that will leave you wanting to throw in the towel. By finding a new way to style your hair as it begins to grow will make you start to feel like a new person and with that will come a newfound confidence and just what you may need to get you past the bob and now to shoulder-length.
Something incredibly essential is your diet as what you put in your mouth can directly affect the health and growth of your hair. Make sure you get the protein you need. Protein can be found in such foods as seafood, milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, smoothies, eggs, beans, soy, chicken, Canadian bacon, peanut butter, and edamame, just to name a few.
You can also take vitamins like Biotin, Fish Oil, Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron, and Vitamin D to help stimulate growth. There are also pills designed specifically for hair growth like SugarBearHair Vitamins and Vibrance, which can be purchased online.
As your hair starts to grow, make sure you use a wooden brush and go from the tip to the root as this is the best way for you to achieve what your hair truly needs. But make sure that you do get some of the natural root oil throughout all of your hair, just for overall health.
Long hair after growing it out
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It should take around six months to achieve enough of a change in your hair to get you past the awkward phase as hair grows one quarter to one half inch per month. Give yourself a full year and make it a challenge. Map out your outfits or makeup, hair clips, headbands, and hats around the length of your hair as it continues to grow. Makeup is essential because it will change with the seasons, as will the length of your hair, so start exploring the excitement of blending the two.
When it comes to hair clips, you will finally be able to wear more than a tiny pin but rather large flowers, statement clips, and eccentric headbands. There is also no limit to the style of hats you will get to wear, and to take it back to the beginning, feel free to switch it up with the bangs. So many people look great with the classic bob and side-swept bangs, so even though you may feel limited, your options are actually limitless.
Again, this is not going to be an overnight process, but it is one that can be well worth it, especially if you have really healthy hair that you can be extremely proud of. In the end, you will be proud of yourself. You have to make up your mind, and in the meantime, you may realize that you don't want super long hair and are just content with a bob or shoulder-length cut.
Also, when you are feeling discouraged, keep a few natural-looking wigs on hand so that you can slip them on and remind yourself why you have decided to let your hair grow out and what the end result will be. It isn't going to be easy, but with all these tools, it should be a lot easier. I hope these tips on how to let your hair grow out are helpful. Good luck! You're on your way.