The Blunt Bangs Trap (2)

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You also have to adjust to the concept that you may have to deal with shorter than desired bangs every time you go in for a trim as hair grows a quarter of an inch to half of an inch per month. There is a new base of hair care products that you will also need to buy to tame these bangs and keep them in shape.
Also, you have to get ready for others to not necessarily appreciate your new look. Not that other opinions matter but bangs are a dramatic change and your partner, friends, or kids may have a negative reaction to your new hairstyle. Of course, this is common with any dramatic change that you make to your hair, so prepare for that.
Once you decide that you are no longer a bang fan, the growing out process is much like growing out short hair. You get to an awkward length and suddenly you want to give up and call your stylist for a trim and you may never end up growing them back out. Patience is key and you will want to remember that growing the super blunt bangs back out will not be an easy feat.
Growing blunt bangs out will be downright stressful, so maybe start with some wispy side bangs. See how you handle them and the reactions and if you feel inclined and confident enough, go blunt.
Do not base your look solely on a celebrity. Keep in mind that they have access to so many things that the average person doesn’t have. Other than that, the most feminine is definitely side swept bangs. They add mystery and sex appeal to your face. Whatever you choose, remember that hair grows! Good luck!
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