Bangs for Thin or Fine Hair

Woman combing her bangs
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Q: Is it wise to get bangs cut when you have thin or fine hair? I would think that the total amount of hair you have is less after getting bangs cut and then there is less hair to cover your scalp.
A: This is a very tricky question. It really depends whether your hair is both thin and fine. Thin hair means that you have a low density of hair per square inch or centimeter of your scalp. Fine hair means that the diameter of your hair is small.
Some people have fine hair but a lot of it. People usually automatically think that people like this have very thick hair because it looks abundant and full, when in truth their hair is very fine but very dense. This kind of person usually does well with bangs.
A good example of this is Alexa Chung. She has fine hair but a good amount of it and she totally rocks full and long bangs. But even though she has a fair amount of hair, she still teases her hair, especially at the crown area to make it look really thick and full, and then she gently combs the surface of her hair into place to make it look only slightly disheveled.
Even if you have fine hair and fairly little of it, you can still get away with having bangs. Cameron Diaz is one such an example. She has very fine hair and not a lot of it, but she looks awesome with asymmetrical bangs that are blow-dried in a soft diagonal line across her forehead. Bangs like these can actually make hair appear fuller and thicker because of the fact that the hair is hanging forward, creating the illusion that the scalp is completely covered with lots of hair.
If you have fine and little hair, especially in the forehead area, you should be more cautious about cutting your hair cut into bangs. People who have hair like this usually opt for shorter style bangs that are styled to be side-swept, and into wispy tresses that frame the face softly. This is not to say that bangs are totally out of the question for someone who has fine hair that is receding at the forehead, though.
If you have a look at dame Helen Mirren, you’ll see that she’s been owning her bangs for a couple of decades! The secret to her seemingly full bangs lies in the art of perfecting teasing hair. In fact, this will change the life of any person that has fine hair, whether it is dense or not.
It’s hard to create a blow-dried style or full upstyle with fine hair because it tends to slip out of place and falls flat. The only way to avoid this is to tease the hair near the scalp, and then comb the surface hair neatly into place. Spray the hair with a good hairspray after you’ve styled it to prolong the look.
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