Turtleneck Hair

turtleneck hair
The turtleneck hair tuck is a brand new trend that is taking the fashion world by storm. People love the turtleneck hair look because it's so fashionable, stylishly casual and super cosy! It works with any hair type, but your hair needs to be long enough to tuck it into the collar of your turtleneck top.
This style is super easy to create by loosely tucking your hair into your roll neck top. Or you can make a low ponytail and slip your turtleneck over your hair. You might want to let some strands peek out from your turtleneck to give the look a sophisticated messy touch.
Turtleneck hair is a fun way to fake a bob. Your hair looks like it's in a bob, without having to go through the commitment of getting it cut. You can trick people by making your hair look shorter than it really is! Enjoy!
Here's how to achieve the turtleneck hair look:
1. Brush your hair or put it in a loose ponytail.
2. Pull on your turtleneck.
3. Leave your hair tucked into your top.
4. Pull your collar up.
5. Let a couple of strands peek out for a messy look.
turtleneck hair tuck
hair tucked in a turtleneck
Photos: Sorbis, Wayhome Studio & Stockfour/Shutterstock
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