Split Ends & Trimming Hair

Trimming split ends
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Q: How often should I be trimming dead/split-ends? Because length is such an issue for me, I'm afraid of trimming too often and sometimes I can't tell if the ends of my hair are split and damaged or if they just look the way they do because my hair has always been a bit thin. What's the best way to identify ends that need to be cut?
A: Actually, dead, split ends are usually fairly easy to identify once you know what you are looking for.
Sometimes, however, an individual often finds it difficult to examine the ends of her hair unless the hair is very long. For those with short hair, a hand-held magnifying mirror can be helpful to allow you to see the ends of shorter hair.
What you are looking for is a fraying of the ends of the hair. The ends of the hair shaft crack and separate down the center of the hair. Many people can be confused by the appearance of the hair when it is dry.
My recommendation is to try giving yourself a deep-conditioning treatment using a protein-rich conditioner cream to help smooth some of the less severe split ends and re-hydrate and moisturize the hair.
Generally speaking, when the hair is being grown out, you should be able to get by with trimming approximately - of an inch of hair every 6 to 8 weeks or so. This should be sufficient to remove dead ends, uneven growth and split-ends from the hair.
If you find that there is a need for more split end removal than this, you may be damaging the hair through your styling habits. In this case, you should take a look at your styling routine and look to make the needed changes to prevent damaging your hair.
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