First Time Short Hair

Girl who is going from long to short hair
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Q: I am considering a short haircut for the first time, but I fear the growing out process. Can you offer some recommendations on particular styles that are less awkward or simpler to grow out?
A: Going from long to short can be really intimidating, especially if you’ve never had short hair before.The best thing that you can do is page through glossy magazines and keep an eye out for shorter styles that you like.
You can also search Hairfinder for short hairstyles and determine what you personally like in short hairstyles, and what you don’t. It’s important that you do a bit of research of your own, so that you get a feel for what you prefer. Concerning the recommendations; I have a few go-to styles that I'd like to propose for first-time shorts:
Consider an A-line bob. It is longer at the front than at the back, which means that it looks really chic and modern, yet it’s much easier to style and maintain since it is shorter at the back. When you decide to grow it out, you basically just have the longer front sides trimmed, and leave the shorter back until the all-around length levels out, and then grow your hair like normal.
A pixie cut. Pixie cuts are really fun and really in style right now. These cuts are also some of the most versatile and easy to maintain haircuts around. Growing it out is pretty easy if you do it in phases. You can go from a short pixie to a long-fringe pixie, to an A-line bob, then a medium layered bob and then basically grow your hair out into long layers. Just keep in mind that going from long hair straight to a short pixie cut may be a bit of a culture shock, especially if it’s your first time going short.
A short layered bob. This is kind of the middle-way between long and short styles. This is probably the “safest” or most conservative way to go if you’re afraid of not being able to cope with short hair. You can have a lot of fun with short layered bobs if you have a hairdresser that knows her/his stuff with thinning out and razor-texturing. Layered bobs, especially the short ones tend to look really edgy and attractive when it’s done right, and it is fairly easy to grow out into a longer bob, and then ultimately into long layers.
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