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Chinese bob - Short angled bob
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Q: I love those bob cuts with a very short and almost shaved nape area and sides that gradually get longer towards the front. I think that the angled shape looks very sexy. Can anyone get an inverted bob or should you avoid it when you have certain features?
A: The Chinese bob has evolved into various styles and lengths, some being shaved at the back and falling almost to the shoulders at the front in a graduated angle.
There are of course also more tame versions, such as the traditional inverted bob. The basic inverted bob can work for almost anyone, but your stylist will be able to tailor your specific cut to suit your own face, hair-type and needs.
You didn’t give me any details of your own facial features, so I’ll give you a short run-down on what to take into consideration:
Round facial shape: Slightly longer bobs, or inverted bobs are recommended for a round facial shape. This is because the extra length and the fact that the weight-line is cut shorter at the back, and gradually longer to the front, creates an optical illusion of a linger, slimmer face. Just avoid long bangs or too much volume at the sides of the head, as this will widen an already wide face.
Long facial shape: People with longer facial features should stick to chin-length bobs, as this style works ridiculously well on them. You can also add long bangs to the style to make the forehead appear wider, to balance out the ratio of the face. If you have a long face, you should be wary of very long or very short hair, as these styles tend to accentuate the fact that you have a longer facial shape.
Angular facial shapes: These include heart-shaped, oval-shaped and square-shaped faces. These facial shapes work beautifully with the inverted bob, although you should ask to have it razor-textured to complement your specific facial features and facial shape. For example, if you have a square facial shape with very high-set, sharp-angled cheekbones, you may want to ask for a much textured, tailored inverted bob to soften the angles of your face.
You can accentuate or dampen certain facial features by simply using the right cut, length and texturizing method. The stylist will be able to help you with this, so don’t be afraid to ask her opinion and use it in conjunction with your own.
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