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How To Wash A Bald Head

Q: How should you wash a bald head, with shampoo or with soap?
A: Well, frankly, you could use either, apart from the physical form that the cleansers take, there isn't THAT much difference in their formulations, apart from some fragrance, possible antibacterial ingredients and the levels and types of moisturizers.
man with a bald head As long as you don't have any negative reactions to what you use, you're pretty well able to use whichever you prefer.
That being said, I would rather advise that you treat your bald scalp as an extension of your face. Facial cleansers are going to provide optimum cleaning of the skin, balance of moisture, and often be non-comedogenic, which may not be as likely with soaps.
Even when using exfoliators and masques, include the scalp as it is helpful to remove dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores and scaly or flaky patches.
One thing to finally remember with bald heads that is often overlooked: sunscreen. Whether you've shaved your head, or gone bald without intending to, you NEED to use a good sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 every day.
Remember that your scalp is usually the closest part of you to the sky and is mostly facing to get direct exposure to the sun. You should also remember that sun damage is cumulative - every single moment in the sun adds up.
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