Man with a bald head
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Q: My wife loves the bald head look for men and is trying to convince me to get rid of my hair too. I always had fairly long hair (covering my forehead and half of my ears) and it would be a big step to get my head shaved. However, next week is my wife's birthday, and I want to surprise her with what she calls a "baldy".
Since it is summer and since my scalp was never exposed to the sun, I'm worried that it might turn all red when I get out in the sun. Would I need to put sunscreen on my head? Regular sunscreen or is there a special type of sunscreen to put on your scalp?

A: You have good instincts. Your scalp very likely has had little to no solar exposure and you will want to be sure to use a sunscreen (or wear a hat) when outside.
In fact, given the lack of sun exposure to your scalp, NOT wearing a sunscreen could result in some pretty nasty burns with even moderate exposure (depending on your skin's complexion).
The good news is that you don't need a specialty product for the scalp, though they make them. You can simply use what you would for a face wash (or get a face wash product) and a good sunscreen with an SPF of 30.
Most guys that I know with shaved heads prefer the spray sunscreens since they are light-weight and absorb quickly and you can keep one on hand and reapply it easily.
Just remember that the skin is going to be very sensitive due to lack of exposure, much like newborn baby's would be. Treat it accordingly.
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