How to Make a Bald Head Shine

Bald head
Photo: Napoleonka/Shutterstock
Q: How can I make my bald head shine?
A: Well, if you've made sure the scalp is clean, free of dead skin cells and acne blemishes and you still want a shine to your scalp, then I would recommend you use a light application of baby oil. Baby oil is my first choice because it is designed to be non-toxic and gentle to very sensitive skin (a baby's).
Use a soft cloth, without a nap – so no towels – to apply the oil and gently buff the scalp in small, circular motions. Traditional terry-cloth or fleeced towels can leave more lint and fibers behind as the fibers snag on the stubble of the scalp. If the head is naturally bald and there is no stubble, then this is not an issue.
Oil is also preferred over lotions because lotions are generally designed to be completely absorbed by the skin, while the emollient feature of oils means that they reside in part on the skin's surface and provide a lubrication between the skin and other things with which it would come into contact.
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