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Make Hair Look Longer

Q: I got a new bob haircut this week and it is shorter than what I wanted. Straightening to make my hair appear longer is not an option because I already have pin-straight hair. How can I make my hair look longer than it really is?
A: Since with straight hair, you have nowhere to go to add length, your only real solution is a bit of legerdemain in order to make the hair appear longer.
To do this, you want to break up those lines that emphasize your hair's length. Typically, this means shortening the look of the neck. To do this, you want to wear things that will break up the neck's length. Turtleneck shirts and sweaters, cowl necked garments, scarfs and even upturned blouse, polo and jacket collars make for wonderful ways to make the neck look shorter and the hair appear longer.
turtleneck to make hair look longer
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Of course, these tricks work even better when slightly layered, so wearing a turtleneck under a blouse with an upturned collar will reinforce the effect and be doubly flattering. Just remember that the reverse is also true, if you don't want to reinforce the look of short hair, avoid things like scoop neck and boat-necked tops, as they elongate the appearance of the neck and leave the hair looking shorter than ever.
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